Purple Crayon Players The Transition of Doodle Pequeno| beg Feb 27-8

Purple Crayon Players presents…

The Transition of Doodle Pequeño by Gabriel Jason Dean

Produced by: Khari Shelton
Directed by: Lindsay Amer
*Recommended for 3rd grade and up

Doodle Pequeño and his trilingual goat, Valencia (she speaks English, Spanish, and goat) just moved to Southern California. The apartment they share with mama is packed with unopened boxes. With Halloween comes trick-or-treaters and a boy who wears dresses, Reno, like the city in Nevada. Doodle and Reno evade capture from the evil pumpkin-wielding troll, Baumgartner, and out run their nemesis, marjoram, and her little brother, toph all while the Santa Anna winds rap at the door. It is a story of two boys who become friends in spite of their differences while examining the consequences of misused language, providing insight into the lives of Mexican-immigrant children and interrogating the issues of gender-identity and homophobic bullying.


Thursday, February 27th at 7pm

Friday, February 28th at 7& 9pm

Saturday, March 1st at 11am& 2pm


FREE for children under 18

$5 for college students, $10 for adults

Tickets are sold at the door. 

If you are interested in reserving for a group, please email us.


The Louis Room

Norris University Center at Northwestern University

1999 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60201

Questions? Email us at purplecrayonplayers@gmail.com