Mom and Tot Arts Classes | Jan 21 – Feb 26

With the recent focus on the critical early childhood years and the importance of birth to age 3, the Cultural Arts Division is pleased to offer expanded programs that serve this part of the community.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning in studio 225 of the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, something very unusual happens:  an arts class for toddlers.  Children ages one to three and their caregivers arrive to paint, sculpt, imagine and explore.  Sometimes the class visits the galleries in the Noyes Center.  Each class has a theme: a recent spring theme included a live model  —  the teacher’s pet rabbit.  Wee artists and their caregivers used rabbit foods (carrots and lettuce) to make prints.  Students have painted with smells, made edible sculptures, and have created mandalas with spices.  The class often gives ideas for follow-up home activities and related field trips to the caregivers.  The class is a veritable United Nations with languages ranging from Hebrew to Spanish to German to Russian to Korean spoken amongst the students.  Wee artists make friends and play in Talmadge Park after class!

The class began after a former Arts Camp director who had become a Montessori teacher had her first child.  She discovered that while there are many options for movement and music classes in the area, outside of preschool there were no freestanding art classes for toddlers.  She created a curriculum and approached the Cultural Arts Division about offering the class, which was immediately popular.  One mom noted . “I like this class because I don’t do this sort of stuff at home and it gives me ideas. ”  A babysitter said, “I get to see what kinds of things she likes and we can get supplies like this to do at home.”

Class # 941601A5   Jan 21 – Feb 25   Tuesdays  10 – 10:45am

Class # 911601A5   Jan 22 – Feb 26   Wednesdays   10 – 10:45am

For more information on this program, please contact Angela Allyn at 847.448.8263 or